belmont roofing in a nutshell

Where do we start? It’s important that you know Belmont Roofing was started out of a need and necessity. This might be a little long winded, but we want you to know a little about our history before considering us for your roofing project.

To start with, there are two partners who started and continue to run Belmont; Josh Blume and Marcus Reed (Both of us have been great friends for years). Without further ado, here’s the story of how Belmont came to be…

Josh was visiting with his parents at their house. As they were visiting, a neighbor from across the street came over to visit. The neighbor mentioned that his roof was in poor condition and he didn’t know what to do about it.

Josh grabbed a ladder from the garage and headed across the street to the neighbor’s house to take a look. As he was walking across the street, he stopped and noticed something. The neighbor’s roof looked like it had fresh fallen snow. That’s not a problem if it’s January in the northeast but this was early summer in Texas!

As Josh climbed up on the roof he looked closer at the shingles and noticed the roof looked like it was covered in cotton.

Then he realized, what looked like cotton, was actually exposed fiberglass! He also noticed that the roof was springy almost like a gymnastics mat. The entire subfloor of the roof was damaged and warped from water which caused the roof to “flex” with each step.

After finishing the inspection, he went to talk with the owner of the house. He asked him how old the roof is, he said about three years old! What? The roof looked like it was at least 30 years old!

The neighbor explained that there was a hail storm a few years ago and his roof was damaged in the storm. A nice gentleman, who owned a roofing company, knocked on his door and offered to repair his roof. The homeowner agreed but had no idea that the roofer was a shady contractor who worked out of the back of his truck.

The roofer put a five-year subpar shingle on the roof instead of the 30 year shingle that was promised. Within a few months, the roof started deteriorating but the roofer was long gone never to be see again.

After seeing this homeowner taken advantage of, we met at a coffee shop and decided, as a team, that we would start a roofing business where we would be a "breath of fresh air" to the homeowner.

Our founding values would be simple. We would go above and beyond to ensure our customers would have an honest and fair experience with our company. We accomplished this customer ‘experience’ by our relentless pursuit of always improving.

We know nobody is perfect, but rest assured, our goal is always perfection.

Warmest regards,

Josh and Marcus